jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

Hello Double C's

So yeah, I've been a bad blogger lately. I do have excuses but I'll round it up with: Wow lot's of activities happening at the same time and a new job! :D. Yay!. But I'm back Regular posts still happen more frequently, I love you all.

So new subject: I love this Chanel purse Blake Lively is checking out at Saks. I don't know the name of the purse (If you do PLEASE tell me) I just know that it's beautiful. The material, the chain, everything. I would love it in my life haha.

Asi que, he sido mal blogger ultimamente. Tengo excusas pero lo resumeré en: Wow muchas actividades y un nuevo trabajo! :D. Yay!. Pero estoy de vuelta con más posts, los quiero a todos.

Asi que vamos a lo que vinimos: Estoy enamorada de esta cartera de Chanel, Blake Lively esta probando en la tienda Saks. No sé como se llama la cartera (Si alguien sabe POR FAVOR díganme) solamente se que esta bellísima. El material, el tiro, todo. Lo desearía tener en mi vida.

7 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

ohh it is a very gorgeous bag! i love it!

Jackie dijo...

Ooh, I love that bag. It's very cute.

Trixy Tran dijo...

Chanel is always so classy (:

(And I can't believe Chuck couldn't tell Blair that he loved her!)

Fashion Is Poison dijo...

the bag is called the bubble quilt :]

Dapper Kid dijo...

Oh wow definately a beautiful bag!!

Fashionistadiary dijo...

the bag is just amazing!!! chanel does it for me every time :)

Trendy Gourmandise dijo...

love chanel bag