sábado, 21 de junio de 2008

Kurt Cobain's Limited Edition Converse/ Chanel Lust

Limited Edition Chuck Taylor high tops in black. (It has script by Kurt himself)
[More info. on the converse website]

Converse is paying tribute to the deceased Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, with a limited edition series of custom converse shoes. They will be released this summer as part of the shoe company’s year-long 100th Anniversary "Welcome to the Converse Century" celebration.

I want this high top, love the old/rockish feeling to it. Converse shoes look better worn out.


Converse le rinde tributo al fallecido líder de Nirvana Kurt Cobain, con una serie edición limitada de tenis Converse. Serán lanzados este verano como parte de la celebración del 100 aniversario del "Bienvenidos al Converse del Siglo".

Quiero este high top, me encanta la senseacion vieja/rokera que tiene. Los Converse se ven mejor gastados.

I was watching the behind the scenes photoshoot video featuring Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Fabulous clothes and all that jazz, but what caught my eye was these Chanel heels that Blake had on. I even "screenshot it". There beautiful. Look at that heel, the double C's.

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gilda dijo...

wow.... i wonder what script it is on those shoes.

this post reminds me that i haven't finished reading kurt's diary yet. i bought a book a little while ago that combines all his journals together. you should really get it if you're a fan! he's completely fascinating.

Raiment Urbane dijo...

Oh yes i've seen the book and read a couple of pages over at amazon.com.
I was thinking of getting it, now I
def. will.

fashionista dijo...

i want Kurt Converse and those gorgeous chanel heels..!!

RIP Kurt Cobain