jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Mary Kate in Elle UK

Here's the complete Mary Kate Olsen spread in Elle UK Magazine.

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I've loved her and her sister since I was a kid.

Le he tenidio cariño a ella y a su hermana desde chiquita.

Scans from MK Lj

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Casandra dijo...

¡¡Dios mío, me encanta la foto en la que lleva la camiseta gris y los leggings!! ¡Es un estilo un poco rockero, me gusta mucho!
Es que es muy mona esta nena, sí, es monísima. Unas fotos muy bonitas. ¡Un besote!

Raiment Urbane dijo...

Casandra !Si!. A mi tambien me encanto!. Tiene mucho estilo, y se ve buena gente haha.
!Un besote para ti!

Mariel dijo...

Thanks for your comment! I'm now back posting, and have new additions to my blog.
I haven't always been a fan of the Olsens, but this is a great spread and Mary Kate has a really unique and awesome style.

Fashion Addict dijo...

I really love this spread and I think MK is really beautiful and chic looking. I love how she is one of the big fashion stars right now. I would have never thought she would be going into fashion this far! lol

it's an addiction. dijo...

ahhh thanks for posting!
am so excited... is that the US elle? for oct?

i agree with your MKO obsession... but there are so many people who don't understand! they hate her whole baggy, layering look.

xo K

GREAT post!

Anónimo dijo...

Yes, I'm back! Thanks for sharing the spread. Love it, love it!

Dana (pron. like Donna) dijo...

this is hands down the best editorial she's ever done
she has never looked this gorgeous, EVER, anywhere

Debbie Shiamay dijo...

Love the photos here =)

Ericwipe287 dijo...

Lovely photos. The fourth scan is fantastic.

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