martes, 5 de agosto de 2008

I'm back....ELLE COVER with Mary Kate Olsen

I'm back from my holiday!. I will respond to all your comments and catch up with your blogs very soon. Now look at Mary Kate Olsen cover for Elle's September issue. She's stunning.

She says: "I love playing dress up. I get inspired by old films, weird things. It could just be the person sitting across from me or it could be a full Victorian costume".

Ella Dice: "Amo jugar al vestirme. Me inspiro de filmes viejos, cosas extrañas. Podría ser tambien la persona sentada al otro lado mio o podría ser un disfraz Victoriano completo".

Image by Popsugar

6 comentarios:

Thorofasius dijo...

She used to be such an ugly girl when she was on full house. Look at her now :)

Casandra dijo...

La portada me ha gustado muchísimo. ¡Parece que sean trillizas y es sólo ella, JAJAJA!
A esta chica la veo monísima, aunque a mi a veces sus estilismos no me gustan, creo que podría sacarse más partido.
¡Un besote!

lore dijo...

En Argentina tenemos a Julieta Prandi, una modelo que es muy parecida a estas dos chicas juntas!!


it's an addiction. dijo...

wow she's beautiful
i actually just did a post on her too, style-wise. some say the whole boho-chic and ashcan look is horrendous but i love the layering and messy, tousled hair.
great post, i'll be reading your blog from now on!

xo, new blogger K.

Anónimo dijo...

Great cover! Love the shoes... La chica es bella!

Richel dijo...

I loved that article. i was so giddy when my mom brought the magazine home!