sábado, 19 de julio de 2008

Available: Avril Lavinge's clothing line at Kohl's

I previously reported that Avril Lavinge was launching a clothing line for Kohl's called Abbey Dawn and that it was set to come out later this month.Well It's now available at Kohl's stores and at kohls.com

Había reportado previamente que Avril Lavinge estaba lanzando una línea de ropa exclusiva para la tienda Kohl's llamada Abbey Dawn y que iba a estar disponible tarde este mes. Bueno ya esta disponible en todas las tiendas Kohl's y en kohls.com

Here's a couple of pieces available:

To check out the entire collection clic here.

Para chekear la colección haz clic aquí.

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Robo dijo...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)

Avril Lavigne's line is...not bad. Very teen pop punk, so I think they got what they were going for. If that purple zebra hoodie were a cardigan instead, I would *think* about rocking it :D