martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavinge

Avril Lavinge is launching a clothing line that will be sold exclusively at Kohls. It will be called Abbey Dawn and will come out this July. The new line, which will blend an "authentic rock 'n' roll attitude with a feminine edge," will range in price from $24 to $48, and will feature both apparel and jewelery.

Excellent timing, they are definitely targeting the "back to school" audience. She describes the line as: "Rock glam: fun, colorful, young and edgy,". You just know it's going to be filled with skulls, hearts, plad and everything faux punk.

If you want a sneek peek and listen to what Lavinge has to say about the line click here.

Avril Lavinge sacará una línea de ropa que será vendida exclusivamente en la tienda Kohls. Será llamado Abbey Dawn y saldrá este Julio. La nueva línea, la cual mezclara una "actitud rock 'n' roll con femeninidad", los precios serán entre los $24 a los $48, y habra ropa y joyería.

Definitivamente están enfocados en el público colegial. Ella describe la línea como: "Rock Glam: divertido, joven con un poco de rebeldía". Sabes que la línea estara llena de calaveras, corazones y todo "punk".

Si quieres hechar un vistazo a la línea y escuchar a Lavinge hablando sobre esta, haga clic

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Anónimo dijo...

Most celebrities are launching clothing has to be pretty special for it to be a hit. I kind of liked it... I guess teens will love it.

Thanks for your comment... you are now in my fave's list!!

CoutureCarrie dijo...

This is great news! Avril is my girl!

Laurel dijo...

Thank you for being so encouraging, I hope hope hope this VMagazine thing turns around for the best!

I hope you're doing well, lovely!

Mariel dijo...

Although this clothing line really isn't for me (I'm more into classic looks), I guess it's a great way for young teens to get the look of their favourite celebrity.

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Ugh! Too many celeb clothes lines and only preteens still want to look like Avril...

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Richel dijo...

That's really interesting. I wonder how she'll translate her own style into the line.

annabananna dijo...

i have to admit i really don't like her. and i agree with the clothes horse: way too many celebs do clothes now. but thanks for posting ;)

Raiment Urbane dijo...

Thestyleofliving: Thank you so much, you are also now in mine :D.

Mariel: It isn't for me either but young teens are going to love it.
Well the Avril fans at least.

The clothes horse: I agree with you, it looks like anyone can be a "designer" now, even that girl from The Hills has her own clothing line, I find it ridiculous. The only celebrity clothing line, I really like is L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani.

Richel: Her style is very Hot Topic, to put it in a way.

AnnaBananna: I used to really like her but now she annoys me. She lacks personality, any interview with her is torture.