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Raquel Zimmermann photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris August 2008no for Vogue Paris August 2008

Wow this is a big F* you to Peta. Here's some outtakes from the photo spread for the August 2008 issue of Vogue Paris photographed by Mario Testino.

Wow esto es un gran vete a la M* a Peta. Aquí estan varios de las fotos del ejemplar de Agosto 2008 de Vogue Paris.

Scandalous. Vogue Paris is always more innovative in there photos than American Vogue. I mean Vogue US would NEVER do this.

Escándaloso. Vogue París siempre es más innovador en sus fotos que Vogue norteamericano. Me refiero a que Vogue EU nunca haría esto.

I am personally against the use of animal fur, but I don't have anything against people who do. To each their own...What do you guys think?.

Oh yeah and Raquel. Watch your back. Peta has been known for it's insanity.

Yo personalmente estoy en contra del uso del pelaje de animal, pero no tengo nada en contra de la gente que si le gusta. Cada loco con su tema...Que piensan ustedes?

Oh si y Rachel. Ten al pendiente. Peta ha sido conocido por sus loqueras.

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Thorofasius dijo...

Oh yeah I agree. I would never wear furr but if you want to wear it you should. I think it would be hypocritical to say nobody can wear fur except when you are a vegan and dont use any animal products. Besides that I think the pictures are a pretty sick stunt of Vogue, daring, but sick. I think they can expect a left wing revenge, especially in Paris.

Laura. dijo...

Si bien me gusta un poco la polemica, esto no me agrado demasiado.
Igual, como bien decis -Cada loco con su tema- No soy vegetariana, asi que mucho no puedo decir...
Mas alla de los cartelitos (que eso es lo qe no me gusta ni un poco), estan muy buenas las fotos!
Gracias por tus mensajitos =)

Laurel dijo...

Definitely against fur, but I agree with the first commenter - if you want to wear it, go ahead. I would feel more justified to wear a piece that was vintage or from (for example) a family heirloom than actually purchasing a new fur piece.
That way, you really aren't fueling the progression of fur - just wearing the pieces that already exist.

I love the editorial, though - I must say, it was shot beautifully and I love Paris Vogue. LOVE!


Anónimo dijo...

ok seriously? Mario Testino is god.

I love this

Raiment Urbane dijo...

Thorofasius:It is sick, I'm just waiting for Peta's response. It will definitely not be pretty.

laura:Que estan buenas las fotos, estan buenas (Es Mario Testino, despues de todo!), pero la seccion de fotos esta medio frivolo.

laurel: Yes!,Vogue Paris is just amazing. I love the american one (Pretty much the only one you can get here) but it's more -ads,ads,ads- than anything else.

something picasso:hahaha. yes.

Thorofasius dijo...

It is actually not PETA's response I fear. PETA is established. I mean the free radical cells. A few years back a Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, was shot in the head after saying "when I am minister, we as a country, will produce more furr". This let wing idiot thought that was enough reason to kill him. There are a lot of nutjobs walking around on this planet who takes themselves and their crazy ideas way too serious!


I'm on the fence when it comes to fur...the stuff feels amazing, but I don't agree with killing an animal just to use it's fur. These pictures however are brilliant - I love a bit of controversy!

Your site is wonderful, so personal and cute. I found you through Laurel at It's Her Factory and I'm certainly coming back.

P.s. Have a great holiday. Cx

Anónimo dijo...

haha love fashion spreads and how innovative they are
i love the look of fur, just prefer it to be fake

Elegance dijo...