domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Free Hugs!

Juan Mann founder of the "Free Hugs" movement

This video makes me happy. Juan Mann is a guy whose sole purpose was to brighten up someones day, because it's true what they say, sometimes all you need is a hug. You can find him every Thursday in the Pitt Street Mall, Sydney (Australia) from Midday.

Este video me pone feliz. Juan Mann es un hombre cuyo objetivo fue el de alegrarle el día a alguien, porque es verdad lo que dicen, a veces lo único que necesitas es un buen abrazo. Lo puedes encontrar todos los jueves en el Pitt Street Mall, Sydney (Australia) desde el mediodía.

This is one of the most viewed videos on youtube:

After this came to be, many people around the world decided to follow the example of Juan and
started doing it themselves in their own countries.

Luego de que esto sucediese, muchas personas alrededor del mundo decidieron seguir el ejemplo de Juan y comenzaron a hacerlo ellos mismo en sus respectivos países.

Paris, France

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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the couple was beautiful

thank you for your nice comment

i just added 42 photo that will make you wanted to fall in love ! lol

cheers from Paris my new friend


Doriz Jeltzin dijo...
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Wonderful video!!! Makes me feel warm inside. Thank you so much for the post!


Laurel dijo...

This video made me tear up! I'm such a little baby, haha. Thank you for posting this, it's so wonderful and enlightening.

gilda dijo...

awww *hug*
i couldn't watch the video...

but a few weeks ago i saw this guy who was holding a free hugs sign. problem is, he looked really perverted. :(

Raiment Urbane dijo...

Doriz Jeltzin: haha exactly!

style du monde: You're very welcome, the video also touched me.

laurel: You're welcome, & don't worry we're BOTH babies, my eyes got all watery haha.

gilda: It's not working for you? :S...hahaha perverted...well I guess it depends on the person, I could see why some pervs would want to do this ! :p

Thorofasius dijo...

Wauw, I think this is so cool, such a cool thing to do. It would be perfect for making a statement, like worry what people think of you cause the way you look (tattooed, shaven head, weird clothes) get a free hug, so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Raiment Urbane dijo...

Thorofasius:Yes I agree with you & you're welcome ;).

Dapper Kid dijo...

Awww that is so super, I always have a 'free hug' badge on my bag lol. And thank you so so so much for the lovely comment :)

Anónimo dijo...

haha yes! people at my school have done it before, and someone I went to school with went to Japan and did it!

-h of candid cool dijo...

hey this happened where i live not too long ago. i went and got myself a free hug